Miles Construction Team

The Team

Our partners and the entire Miles team encompass many decades of experience and expertise in all phases of construction and pre-construction.

A common element among our staff members is their strong communication skills, which allow us to bring together the wide array of personnel involved on a project to achieve project goals. We enjoy collaboration and have worked on projects with national and international teams.

Our ability to build strong relationships and work collaboratively contributes to our impressive record of completing projects on time and under budget.

  • William D. Miles
    William D. Miles President/CEO
  • Cary Richardson
    Cary Richardson Vice President/Senior Project Manager
  • Jerry V. Deines
    Jerry V. Deines Vice President/General Superintendent
  • Jim Magrogan
    Jim Magrogan Senior Project Manager
  • John Burr
    John Burr General Superintendent
  • Patricia Wahl
    Patricia Wahl Accounting/H.R. Admin
  • Dale Dunnet
    Dale Dunnet Design Coordinator/LEED AP
  • George Miles
    George Miles Safety Manager
  • Scott Garrison
    Scott Garrison Superintendent, Pre-Engineered Steel
  • Colin Jacobsen
    Colin Jacobsen Project Manager
  • Jim Feser
    Jim Feser Project Manager
  • Alec West
    Alec West Project Manager
  • Frank Maxim
    Frank Maxim Superintendent
  • David Urbach
    David Urbach Superintendent
  • Michael Barrette
    Michael Barrette Superintendent
  • Ed Shaver
    Ed Shaver Superintendent
  • Nick Marano
    Nick Marano Project Engineer
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